Saman story dates back to September 1999, when Saman was launched as one of the first non-bank credit institutions in post-revolutionary Iran under the name of “Saman Eghtesad” with a share capital of IRR 11 billion. Less than three years later, in August 2002, and thanks to the change in Government policy and the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran (CBI), when it was decided that private banks would be re-launched in the country, Saman Eghtesad could manage to obtain a full banking license from CBI and experience a new phase of its life as a privately owned bank under the name and style of Saman Bank Corporation.
To compete with the banks having older history and wider branch networks, Saman Bank focused on three strategic approaches including the development of electronic banking, innovative customer relations and development of the Saman Financial Group.
As the first bank to introduce electronic payment and internet banking in Iran, Saman has earned a reputation as the pioneer in electronic banking in the country. During its first decade, the bank focused on development of electronic banking, as reflected in its motto as: ‘Saman Bank, the Intelligent Bank’. The second decade of Saman’s operation began by paying greater attention to cultural transformations in banking services and adoption of a customer-orientation approach. The Bank’s new slogan: ‘There with You’, was then adopted to reflect the bank’s significant performance in the achievement of the above mentioned objectives.
Saman strives continuously to improve its infrastructure, knowledge base, and performance in accordance with the latest universal standards in order to bridge the gap between the Iranian and international banking systems.
Today, Saman Bank’s capital stands at approximately 40 times its original share capital. In 2015, the Bank’s paid up capital stood at IRR 8000 billion.

OUR Vision

  • Serving as the first choice in Iranian banking for target customers, including mainly:
  • Mass market customers for electronic-banking services;
  • Private and Premier Customers;
  • Large and medium-size companies (domestic and international) for international transactions;
  • Being the first-choice of international banks for correspondent banking relations;
  • Maintaining the Bank’s position as a first-choice employer for the brightest and high skilled banking professionals;
  • Having the highest volume of international transactions amongst the privately owned Iranian banks.
Our Mission
Saman Bank strives to create real added value for its customers and to transform them into loyal clients through consistent delivery of quality services characterized by convenience, speed, and confidence. To this end, we have introduced and intend to continue to uphold the following values:
  • Customer-oriented culture,
  • Highly Qualified Human Capital.
  • Transparency,
  • Organizational culture.

Our Ethical Values

We are committed to ethical values and absolute transparency. We do not enter into any business which would be against morals or be contrary to domestic and international rules, regulations and standards.

Our Strategy

Saman Bank’s entry into the Iranian banking system coincided with the development of information technology in Iran. During the first decade of its activities, Saman Bank invested heavily in electronic banking services and, indeed, played an important role in the implementation of electronic banking in Iran, pioneering Internet banking and online transfer in Iran. During the 2000s, our pioneering electronic banking services and our slogan ‘Saman Bank, the Intelligent Bank’ were considered a major competitive advantage.
Saman commenced its second decade of business with a major strategy transformation from a ‘service-centred’ to a ‘customer-centred’approach. The Bank’s organisational structure changed from functional to segmented. Within this new structure, Saman defined new customer categories and offered services tailored specifically to the needs of different groups of personal and business customers.

Our strategic Focus

  • Customer-oriented organisation;
  • 1st choice in the domestic Corporate &International Banking and being provider of innovative e-banking solutions

Strategic Goals

Saman vision and mission statements define and determine the bank’s main objectives:
  • To consider our customer composition as a means of transforming the organizational structure and procedures to offer the best suitable tailor-made services,
  • To boost the loyalty of our reputable customers,
  • To increase incomes other than profit sharing revenues,
  • To increase operational efficiency through improved procedures and enhanced internal control and supervision,
  • To improve the investment potentials of the bank,
  • To improve risk management to facilitate greater risk control,

To increase the branches’ profitability.

Saman Milestones

  • First non-bank general credit institution licence granted to private-sector, Sep. 1999, under the name of Saman Eghtesad Credit Corporation.
  • First branch in Tehran was opened in November 1999,
  • First provincial branch had started in April  2001,
  • The licence for international banking was granted in September 2001,
  • The first capital increase to IRR200bn was approved in October 2001,
  • The full banking licence was granted in August 2002, hence the name was changed to Saman Bank Corporation,
  • Shifted the corporate strategy from IT to customer focused orientation in September 2011,
  • The paid up capital was increased on March 2016 to IRR 8,000 billion, showing nearly 800 times increase versus its initial paid capital.

Brand Consolidation

In the Iranian banking sector, Saman is known as an innovative and dynamic brand. Saman has pioneered electronic banking, fundamentally changed customer service approach and recorded exceptional achievements which made it known as a unique brand.

To create a sustainable competitive advantage, Saman initiated strategic transformations in 2010. These infrastructural and strategic changes were gradually stabilized during 2011/12 and 2012/13. Consequently the identity, culture, and discourse of customer relations shifted dramatically to establish a more customer-oriented approach. At the same time, the project to transform and reshape the visual image of the bank has also been initiated. This second project strove to make the earlier structural and strategic changes more tangible, more acceptable, and more pleasant to customers,

Results of this transformation included reviewing the bank’s slogan, logo and redesigning Saman’s branch offices in order to create a reassuring space for offering services with speed and convenience. Thanks to those efforts, Saman became the favourite brand among different groups of target customers.

Social Responsibility

Saman Bank takes corporate social responsibility very seriously and strives to support vulnerable groups. As part of our community investment, since the commencement of our activities, we have sponsored selected charities and provided support for cultural, educational and health initiatives. In terms of humanitarian aid, Saman Bank donated its entire New Year gift budget to the earthquake survivors in Varzaqan, enabling the construction of a school, a health clinic and an apartment for the health clinic’s doctor.
Alongside Saman’s economic goals, we deem it our social and human responsibility to provide educational facilities (especially for underprivileged and gifted students). Saman also sponsors artistic productions; for example, the patriotic symphony of the Persian Gulf (Sinus Persicus) by world-renowned musician and conductor Shahrdad Rohani—a source of pride to any Iranian.
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