Wednesday 9/13/2017
Organized criminals support hackers to remotely control the fiscal information of large and small companies. Hackers withdraw money from credit lines and accounts of individuals or companies and transfer it into their accounts aboard.

Hackers enter a company and make use of their confidential information mostly following the same steps:
  • Target victims
  • Install a malware
  • Observe online transactions
  • Gather and transfer data
  • Start transferring the amount

►Prevent Hacking
  • Use a single computer for financial transactions.
  • Install a firewall on your computer.
  • Learn how to correctly install and use antivirus software on your computers. Regularly and constantly update software.
  • Update your browser.
  • Confirm transactions, one by one, not as a group.
  • Check your transactions daily and your credits annually latest.
  • For security of your computer and your webpages, ask the IT counselor of the company at your service to help you with latest knowledge.

►For Further Info
  • Contact Saman Bank’s Inspection Division at 021-23095401
  • Email us at CCO@sb24.com