Saman Life Insurance
Saman Life Insurance is an assurance for your future and the future of your surviving family members. With Saman Life Insurance, your surviving family members will not only receive your savings and related profit, but will benefit from the additional protection of receiving a further amount known as ‘Life Capital’.
You choose the term of the insurance policy and set a final date on it; for example, your 70th birthday or the date of your death. Your insurance premium is divided into two parts. One part is being saved and another part is spent on your insurance costs. At the end of the term of your insurance plan, the money you have saved will be paid to you along with the interest incurred. Furthermore, this insurance plan will also cover part of your medical costs in the case of critical illness.
Saman Home Insurance
Saman Home Insurance is our plan to keep you and your belongings safe. The plan provides insurance to protect your family, home and home contents against risks such as fire, flood, explosion and burglary. Additional coverage options are available for risks such as earthquake, water pipe failure, storms and airplane accidents.
Saman Travel Insurance
Saman Travel Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for travel-related risks—for example, illness, lost luggage anda wealth of other unexpected events. Saman Travel Insurance is a worldwide insurance that protects you in the event of the above cases. It also covers medical costs and various other expenses.
Saman Accident and Sickness Insurance
The Saman Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan is available to you, your dependents and your personnel and can be easily applied for at any Saman branch against a small fee.
This insurance will protect you against accidents such as drowning, poisoning, suffocation, corrosive materials or vapours such as acid, as well as rabies, tetanus and anthrax. It also provides protection against work-related damages (including death, disability and amputation) for the insured or the beneficiaries. Accident insurance can be provided on an individual or group basis
Saman Liability Insurance
Each profession entails its own specific civil liability risks. Saman Liability Insurance provides tailor-made protection whatever your profession. Whether you are an employer, building contractor, doctor,manufacturer, driver or school headmaster, Saman has developed a tailor-made range of products and service packages to suit every social and professional position, ensuring you are protected against specific liabilities as required by law. Speak to our dedicated insurance advisors about the right insurance package for you.
Monday 4/19/2021