Social Responsibility

‘There for you’ is Saman Bank’s message to the community in which we live. It is not just a business slogan—we take our social responsibility as a corporate citizen very seriously and work hard to make a positive social contribution to the cultural, art, educational and charitable projects to which we contribute. During recent years, Saman has sponsored various cultural, artistic, sports and social events and has supported health and educational charities. A list of some of these activities is provided hereafter.


►Chain of Hope

In 2013, Saman Bank sponsored Chain of Hope, affiliated with La Chaine de l’Espoir headquartered in France and donated 700M rials for the purchase of treatment appliances required to treat spinal deformity in children suffering from scoliosis. Also in 2012 and in 2010, Saman donated 500M rials and 400M rials respectively to the institute to take necessary action for the treatment of a certain number of deprived children and helped the institute enhance the medical equipment at Children’s Rehabilitation Clinic.
► Behnam Daneshpour Charity
Behnam Daneshpour Charity helps cancerous patients nationwide and worldwide without defining its priorities on basis of age, sex, nationality, religion, type or level of illness. Saman donated 350M and 300M rials in 2013 and 2012 to support their activities.
► Varaqan Earthquake
The earthquake in Varzan in August 2012 damaged houses and buildings and took a great death toll. We were there with Varzaqan; we built a clinic and an apartment to lodge the local physician.
►Wounded In Action
In 2012, Saman spent 1B rials on the overseas treatment of a WIA of Iran-Iraq War in Germany.


We have sponsored accredited students’ dissertations, and have provided databases of the articles and dissertations completed at Saman Bank and of macroeconomic indices for the researches that collaborate with Saman.
►Child Foundation
We have helped Child Foundation with their activities aimed at annihilation of the factors that cause a child to drop out of school. Saman donated 49M rials in 2013 to the education of 86 deprived children. Saman was there with deprived children from 2010 to 2012 and helped them complete high school under the supervision of Child Foundation to enter university and job market. Saman donated the amount of 700M rials to Child Foundation in 2012.
►Each Year One More School
Since 2010 we have been obliged by our commitment to social responsibility to build a school every year in a deprived area of the country.
+ Three Schools in Three Areas We have constructed schools in Kidouz, Parand and Bojnourd.
+ Varzaqan School To celebrate Nowrouz with the earthquake stricken children of Varzaqan, Saman started constructing a 9-class school in 2012 which upon completion had costed Saman 9B rials in total.

Arts and Culture

Persian Gulf Symphony

We sponsored the concert of the Persian Gulf Symphony also known as Sinus Persicus Suite by Maestro Shardad Rohani at Milad Tower in 2013. Also, we contributed to the composition and the publication of the Persian Gulf book and its audio release.
► Saffron Gift
We have given our saffron gifts composed of a book and a bundle of high quality Persian saffron packed luxuriously to our special customers as an emblem of our respect to the Persian civilization as part of our identity. The total cost of this project amounted to 3000M rials in 2013
► Saman Fund Gallery
We hosted the exhibition of more than 40 masterpieces created by Iranian artists over the last four decades at Shirin Gallery on December 26, 2013.
Fehrest Short Story Festival
We attempted to make the connection between authors and publications easier by hosting a short story festival with the help of Nik Haami Charity Corporation which has been determined to dissipate book-reading habit among the Iranians.
► Biannual Damonfar Art Exhibition
We sponsored the 4th biannual Damonfar Art exhibition at Mellat Pardis Gallery in September 2012. The main goal of the exhibition has been to support young talented painters.
► Come Closer, Closer; Closer than this
Saman Bank sponsored the performance art work named “Come Closer, Closer; Closer than this” which Mohammad Parvizi directed at Shirin Gallery for 25 consecutive nights.
► Loris Tjeknavorian
In 2011, we collected and published the artwork - which spanned 50 years- of the well known composer and orchestra maestro, Loris Tjeknavorian



Saman Bank sponsored the national men’s volleyball team, the national boys’ volleyball team and Omid at a cost of 30B rials in 2013. We lay claim to the triumph of our national volleyball team and its promotion to Group A at FIBV Volleyball World League of 2013 and earned victory at 2014 Asian Games.
►Show Jumping Saman Cup
We sponsored the 3rd show jumping Saman cup in 2011 in collaboration with Tehran Province Equestrian Association. The top ten contestants were prized in cash.
► Basketball
We sponsored Iran Basketball Super League in 2010.
► Futsal
In 2009, we sponsored the exhibition games of our national futsal team.


►There is still water and we have but a very little water

Improper water consumption due to the lack of an effective water management system exacerbated the already shortage of water in Iran that is a country located in a dry land. All in all has necessitated serious action to be taken if we want to prevent a disaster from coming. Saman Bank has rendered a save water campaign to spread the necessary knowledge and behaviors in this regard. We have started our campaign in 2014 and demonstrated that “there is still water and we have but a very little water”. Our commitment to save water means more than a social responsibility to us as we are fully aware that it is a matter of life and death to our world as well as to our nation.


►Mehr Afarin Charity Institue
Saman Insurance has sponsored 30 children supported by Mehr Afarin Charity Institue
► Sepehr Charity Foundation
Sepehr Charity Foundation is a non-government, non-political and non-commercial foundation licensed by State Welfare Organization of Iran and established since the disastrous Bam earthquake of 2003. Saman donated 200M rials in 2013 to help Sepehr Charity provide health care for deprived children, elderly, patients with spinal damage, and mothers as single parents and train unskilled workers for specific jobs. Saman also granted the organization with 150M rials in 2012.
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