Saman Concierge
The Saman Concierge Centre was launched with a view to facilitating your access to the range of services available to you through our partners. The dedicated staff will take into account your lifestyle, business needs and dealings with the Bank, and will design an exclusive package of banking, well-being and travel services specifically tailor-made to suit your lifestyle and needs.
Some of the services we offer our Saman Private include the following:
  • Domestic and international flight reservations
  • Visa advisory services
  • Domestic and international hotel reservations
  • Superior luxury and private tour bookings
  • Specialized, commercial, exhibition and educational tour reservations (for children and adults)
  • Travel advice
  • Conference, gathering and festival bookings
  • Restaurant, sports centre, concert and cinema reservations
  • CIP and airport transfer services
  • Flower delivery services.
  • Domestic and international car rental services

For further information or to use any of the above services, contact Saman Concierge Centre on 021-26850098 or email us at booking [at] sb24 [dot] com

Monday 4/19/2021