Saman Life Services
Saman Life Services targets your non-banking needs and provides a range of services suited to your lifestyle. These include travel, recreational and shopping services for saman private.
VIP Travel Services
As a VIP Customer, you benefit from our inclusive package of travel services to facilitate your trip, be it for business or pleasure. Domestic and international flight and accommodation booking, visa, tour, valet car services, travel insurance and airport CIP services are just a selection of the services you receive from your Bank.
VIP Recreational Services
We have developed recreational services to suit the lifestyles of our VIP Customers. A group of selected service centres have partnered with Saman to provide you with exceptional services. These include selected restaurants, coffee shops, gyms and recreational centres renowned for their high-quality services. They offer their services with some impressive discounts and conditions specially tailored to you. To use these services, simply present your gold or black card. When you pay using your gold or black card through the Saman Bank portal, discounts will be applied automatically.
VIP Shopping
Saman Bank has teamed up with some of the best high street brands to ensure you the ultimate in shopping experiences.When paying wih your black card through the Saman Bank portal, discounts will be appliedautomatically.
Monday 4/19/2021