At Saman, we strive to find you the best investment opportunities—those which will earn you the highest profit on your investments. You can choose from our vast range of deposits in Iranian or international currencies and enjoy the highest interest rates available on the market.
Credit Services
In addition to all credit services of Saman Bank, VIP Customers are entitled to Twin credit cards and the credit line of VIP Customers. To get these services running, you just need to contact your banker or visit your nearest branch.

VIP Credit Card

The VIP Credit Card is a disposable credit card issued exclusively to our VIP Customers. It is valid for one year from the date of issue and cannot be revalidated. Each VIP Customer qualifies for one VIP Credit Card. The maximum credit level available is IRR 500 million.

VIP Twin Credit Card

The Twin Cardsare a pair of credit cards called the First Credit Card and Second Credit Card. These cards are issued exclusively to our higher-value customers (Premier and VIP Customers). The credit level on each card depends on the amount and type of your deposits, with the maximum credit level on each card standing at IRR 250 million and the minimum credit level at IRR 50 million. If you qualify, you can enjoy a credit level of up to IRR 500 million on both cards.

VIP Credit Line

This special line of credit is the perfect option for helping you to meet your short-term financial needs. If there are insufficient funds in your current account, the deficit is automatically paid into your account from the Bank sources (up to your maximum credit level). This line of credit is open to all Saman Bank current account holders with a minimum of IRR 2 billion deposit (longterm or special shortterm) with the Bank. The closing date is at least six months ahead.

VIP Electronic Services

Your VIP black card is your banking ID which enables you to enjoy exceptional services and advantages. Your daily withdrawal allowance from Saman cashpoints is five times that authorized for ordinary card holders. You also enjoy numerous discounts and VIP services in many retailers and service centers.

Other Services
Safekeeping Services
Our VIP Customers enjoy two special types of safekeeping service: safe deposit boxes, and equities and securities safekeeping.

International Banking Services
The extensive global network of Saman Exchange Co. enables you to send money anywhere in the world, benefiting from preferential commission rates.

Foreign Exchange Services
For any international transfer, simply contact Saman Exchange Co. any working day of the week between 02:00 to 13:00 on phone number 021-41011.
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