Saman Golden Experience
Customer loyalty is extremely important to Saman. As such, we are always on the lookout for new ways to thank and reward our loyal customers. Our Golden card is one such reward, granted exclusively to our Saman Premier who maintains a balance with Saman of between IRR 3.5-35 billion or the equivalent in international currencies. A golden card holder (fondly known as Saman Premier) is eligible for dedicated priority services in all Saman Bank branches, Saman Financial Group companies, as well as in selected retailers, service centers and companies.
Personal Banker

As a member of the Premier Club, you are able to benefit from the services of a dedicated banker to help you with your everyday banking services in a professional, relaxed and expedient manner.

Go Gold
The Saman Premier card comes in gold. Show your golden card and benefit from premium treatment with a range of dedicated priority services in all Saman branches and centers party to a contract with Saman.
Your Card is Gold
The gold-colored bank card issued to our Saman Premier is your banking identification. Issued with your active account, the card will be linked to your other accounts as subaccounts. Visit any Saman branch if you have not yet received your card. Saman premier card benefits include:
  • You have priority over one who has no card for everyday banking in our branches.
  • You can withdraw up to IRR 10 million in cash from Saman ATMs.
  • You will be offered special discounts in more than 150 selected shopping centers, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.
Premier Insurance Services
Our Saman Premier is eligible for a comprehensive insurance package including hospital and medical cost insurance, car insurance, travel insurance
Dedicated Private Kiosks
A Saman Premier Customers is able to take advantage of our dedicated kiosks within Saman branches, at which they will be served by highly trained bankers. These kiosks, which provide you with a private, relaxed space, are now functioning in the following selected branches:
Africa, Baq-e Ferdows, Niavaran, 24metri Sa'adat Abad, Dowlat, Africa-e Shomali, Velenjak, Qeytarieh, Elahieh, Lavassani, Asef, Ajoudanieh and Darya Blvd.
Credit Services
Saman Premier Credit Card
Our Premier Credit Card is a disposable credit card issued exclusively to you as a Saman Premier. It is valid for one year from the date of issue and cannot be revalidated. Each Saman Premier qualifies for one Premier Credit Card. The maximum credit level available is IRR 500 million.
Twin Credit Card
The Twin Cardsare a pair of credit cards called the First Credit Card and Second Credit Card. These cards are issued exclusively to our higher-value customers (Saman Premier and Private). The credit level on each card depends on the amount and type of your deposits, with the maximum credit level on each card standing at IRR 250 million and the minimum credit level at IRR 50 million. If you qualify, you can enjoy a credit level of up to IRR 500 million on both cards.
Premier Credit Line
This special line of credit is the perfect option for helping you to meet your short-term financial needs. If there are insufficient funds in your current account, the deficit is automatically paid into your account from the Bank sources (up to your maximum credit level). This line of credit is open to all Saman Bank current account holders with a minimum of IRR 5.3 billion deposit (longterm or special shortterm) with the Bank. The closing date is at least six months
Safekeeping Services
A Saman Premier enjoys two special types of safekeeping service: safe deposit boxes, and equities and securities safekeeping. 
  • Saman safe deposit boxes offer a safe place to store your valuables, securities and precious documents. Saman safe deposit boxes are equipped with advanced security technology. Also, Saman has provided 13 branches with the latest technology of electronic safe deposit boxes.
  • Saman also provides a safekeeping service for your securities and equities. If you have purchased your securities or bonds from Saman or if Saman is an agent bank for those securities, we will also pay in your interest and redeem or settle for you.
  • All of these services are offered to our Saman Premier at a 50% discounted fee.
Investment and Deposit Services with Premier Interest Rates
This option earns you the highest interest rates for your investments. If your individual or common special short-term deposits and special five-year deposits show a balance of more than IRR 3.5 billion, you will be entitled to a surplus interest rate to be mutually agreed upon with the Bank. Clients have the possibility of opening a variety of investment and savings accounts in Iranian or foreign currencies and enjoying the best interest rates available, proportionate to their deposit.
Different Types of Saman Bank Investment Funds
Saman Bank is always striving to find interesting new investment opportunities for our Premier Customers. Distributing equities, launching mutual funds and fixed-income equity funds are just some of these opportunities. Premier Customers enjoy pre-emptive rights to invest in these opportunities.
Foreign Exchange Services
Saman Bank’s foreign exchange service enables you to benefit from preferential rates for your international money transfers. International transfers can be made any day of the week by contacting Saman Exchange Co. between 09:00 to 13:00 on phone number 021- 41011
Electronic Services
Premier Gold Cards, which function exactly like ordinary debit cards, enable you to take advantage of some outstanding offers for the purchase of electronic banking equipment. Many of our premier customers use POS systems (card readers) in their businesses. Saman Premier Customers are eligible for some exceptional advantages when they order Saman POS systems for their place of business.
Monday 4/19/2021