Saman WinCard
Wondering how lucky you are? You can win a cash prize every month just for doing your daily transactions and having deposits on your wincard. Every month 15 card-holders win 150,000,000 rials and one hundred card-holders win 5,000,000 rials. For every electronic interaction you win a score. As the number of your electronic transactions or the balance of your deposit goes up, you will have a greater chance to win. Wincard is a debit card and you can use it for your daily electronic transactions like paying your bills, shopping, to recharge your phone credit and transferring money for all of which you win scores.
Saman Debit Card
Saman debit card is a banking card which you can use at ATMs, to transfer money, pay your bills and do your shopping online or in retail stores. You will be eligible for one or more Saman card(s) if you open a current account, interest-free savings account or short-term investment deposit account. The available balance on your debit card is the amount of money in your account. The interest paid to your balance depends on your account type.
Saman Gift Card
Saman gift cards are an excellent way to pamper your loved ones. Gift cards can be cashed at any SHETAB cash machine or used for shopping at any retail shop or online. You can even pay your bills with a Saman gift card. Saman gift cards come in a range of elegant designs and packaging. Buy Saman gift cards from any Saman branch or pre-order your cards in your chosen designs and amounts.
Family Card
If you are looking for a simple method to manage your family expenses, apply for Saman Bank’s family card. You will receive a Saman debit card for each family member. You can set the limit on any of these cards yourself. To qualify for our family card, all you need is a short-term investment or savings account with Saman.
Monday 4/19/2021