Current Account
A current account facilitates your day-to-day financial transactions, enabling you to buy now and pay later. It comes with a chequebook to facilitate withdrawals and payments. Cheques are completed simply by filling in the amount, date and name of the beneficiary. Current accounts pay no interest. Saman cheques can be cashed in all Saman branches or deposited to any other bank.
Short-term Investment Deposits
A short-term investment deposit with Saman enables you to use Saman’s e-banking services to manage your daily financial affairs as well as ensuring you an attractive interest rate. A variety of short-term investment plans are available, to cater to your short-term investment needs:

Standard Short-Term Investment Deposit

No minimum balance is required for this account. A debit card option is available with this account, for use at ATMs and for retail shopping.

Premium Short-Term Investment Deposit

This account offers all the benefits of a long-term deposit at terms of under a year. You can choose from a range of 3-month, 6-month or 9-month deposits and earn a higher rate of interest than that offered by a standard short-term deposit. This account requires the deposit of a fixed amount which cannot be deposited/withdrawn during the term of the contract.
Long-Term Investment Deposits
If you have some spare cash that you will not be needing in the short term and would like to make it work for you, we offer a range of attractive long-term investments enabling you to generate premium interest income:

One-Year to Five-Year Investments

Interest rates differ for these investment plans, based on the term of the investment and the intervals at which you choose to receive interest (monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annually).


SAMAN ATIEH is the best investment plan for small savings. The interesting feature of this account is that you can increase your investment gradually. This is the ideal plan for clients wishing to save progressively. Open a SAMAN ATIEH account and start saving. Every month, the interest, along with the money you save, will become a new termed investment. At the end of the term, you will have a multitude of investment accounts all generating interest.
Interest-free Saving Account
Clients who do not like fixed-term deposits or do not wish to receive interest, as well as those who have not yet reached the legal age to qualify for interest can open an interest-free savings account.
An interest-free savings account protects your money and provides you with a standard bank account offering all of the associated amenities such as deposit/withdrawal, transfer, debit card and other e-banking services. As the name implies, this account pays no interest.

Win Saving Account

Our monthly Win lottery can tell you how lucky you are. We randomly reward 15+5 clients for having trusted their money to Saman with 150M+5M rials in cash. WinCard is a debit card designed for doing daily transactions, which will earn you scores. Bring yourself greater luck and save more money on your WinCard or use it to do more transactions; pay your bills, purchase for goods or services, top up your mobile phone, or transfer money.
Electronic Safe-Deposit Box
Saman Bank is one of the first Iranian banks to offer electronic safe deposit boxes in three sizes of small, medium and large. First the box verifies the fingerprint to let you open it with your key. You can select a password to ensure more security. We are ready in our five Tehran branches of Velenjak, Ajoudaniyeh, Nabowat, Dezashib and Moqadas Ardebili and in three Khorasan Razavi branches of Mashhad, Modaress Mashhad and Sajjad Mashhad to provide you with electronic safe deposit boxes. For more information please call us at +98-21-6422.
Monday 4/19/2021