Private Insurance Services
Saman offers a broad range of insurance services to its private banking customers. We have designed bespoke solutions for all your major insurance concerns. Depending on the type of policy and your conditions, you will enjoy discounts of between 20 to 100 percent.
Health Insurance
The Saman Private Health Insurance covers extra treatment and hospital expenses. Offered to all of our VIP Customers, this insurance pays for special medical costs not covered under ordinary health insurances.
Home Insurance
Saman Home Insurance insures your homes and home contents against risks of fire, flood, lightning, explosion, earthquake, volcanic activity, water level rise, snow and rain damages, storm, airplane accidents and water pipe bursts. Extra protection is also available for theft and burglary coverage at an extra premium.
Car Insurance
Saman Car Insurance packages insure your car(s) and those of your dependents against accidents, theft, fire and other risks. Excellent service and generous discounts are available to all of our VIP Customers.
Third-Party Insurance
Saman Third-Party Insurance insures you and your dependents against bodily harm or financial damage to third parties caused by car accidents in the event that you or any of your dependents are the guilty party. Our VIP Customers who purchase this coverage jointly with car insurance can benefit from exclusive discounts.
Travel Insurance
VIP Customers are eligible for one free travel insurance package per year. You can purchase as many travel insurance plans for yourself and your dependent family members at discounted rates. Saman Travel Insurance covers all risks including medical costs, luggage loss, document and passport loss, and repatriation costs in the event of the demise of the insured party.
Tadbir Insurance
Tadbir Insurance is a long-term insurance designed with two aims in mind: to provide our clients with peace of mind and to increase their wealth! For an annual premium, enjoy insurance coverage as well as interest on your insurance capital. Saman will pay a percentage of your premium for you. The TadbirInsurance Package is available to our VIP Customers at three different levels of risk and for five age groups.
Monday 4/19/2021